The Manley Lab Series Stereo 75+75 was built from 1994 to 1998. At a retail price of $1875 it's no wonder we had to discontinue it or we would have gone broke! These were really great sounding stereo amplifiers. Super bang-for-buck.

These were nice looking amplifier with its anodized 'manley blue' sheet metal chassis concealing all the boring transformers and circuitry. Polished black acrylic side panels were also a nice cosmetic touch. EveAnna Manley herself drafted all the rear panel artwork on Claris CADD especially remembering to include all biasing info in case someone lost their owner's manual. Of course those were the days before the internet was such a part of everyday life. Now you can get the old dopey manual right here. The Lab 75+75 used a pair-per-channel of Svetlana 6550A, B, or C depending on which version was current at the time. Input tube was the trusty Ei 12AT7 feeding a 6414 driver tube per channel. These amps used pretty standard circuits and had Mercury Magnetics power and output transformers. We rarely get these in for repair. Time has proven these to be nicely reliable amplifiers.

There was also a Lab Series 100 watt monoblock that looks pretty much like the Stereo 75+75. It used 4 x EL34 tubes and again, at $2750 for the pair, was a superb bargain.

Rest In Peace: Lab Series!


Digging a little deeper in history for those interested:

Well, way back before Manley Labs existed as a separate company there were the VTL Stereo 50, 75, and 90 watt hifi models. Looking to make a more efficient and easy-to-build stereo amplifier with different looking cosmetics, the "L-Box" chassis was created. (The chassis profile side-view is shaped like an "L".) That L-Box model was also branded for Audio Advisor in the early 90's as the "VTL Renaissance Stereo 75". (Please note: we do not service any VTL-branded products here at Manley Labs. If you have a VTL amplifier, you need to contact VTL about it.)

David had some goofy idea to open a factory in Spain in early 1993. Complete kits of parts were shipped over from the VTL factory and some of those "DCM 75+75 Stereo Amplifiers" were assembled in Spain during that 2 month long misadventure in spanish manufacturing. (I say "misadventure" for horrible logistics problems there - not that the amps were badly built. That was the least of anyone's worries.)

During that same period of total company and personal chaos, it was then decided that VTL and Manley would split up. We opened the Manley Labs factory in Chino, CA in April 1993.

The Spanish factory came and went as quickly as it opened. Soon after, sometime in late 1993, VTL no longer wished to produce their "L-Box" series amplifiers, so we bought those parts from Luke (chassis, faceplates and raw PCBs) and made several more production runs of that basic 75 stereo model, as well as the 100 watt mono model. Those were the "Lab Series" models as pictured at the top of the page.

Here is one of the Spanish-built DCM Stereo 75+75 Watt models. The chassis was made of high-polish stainless steel. The sides and front panel were made of black Lexan. This particular unit was set up to use 6CA7 or EL34's with 12AT7 input and driver tubes. And the rear of the chassis was not silk-screened.

I can't remember exactly, but I think there are only about ten of these Spanish-assembled 75+75 stereo amps out there and maybe about ten pairs of 100 watt Monos. I think also a few stainless-steel "Tiny Triode" 25 watters also might be out there too. All that took place well over ten years ago in another world so my memory is getting a little hazy by now. Also we have never had one returned here for service (which is a testament to their reliability indeed!) so we haven't been reminded about them. If you have one of these spanish-built units, we will be happy to help you with them if you need something. But again, we do not service any VTL-branded things here at Manley Labs. If you need help with your VTL amplifier, contact VTL.