The Manley Lab Series 100W Monoblocks were built from 1994 to 1998. At a retail price of $2750 no wonder we had to discontinue 'em or we would have gone broke! These were really great sounding monoblock amplifiers. Super bang-for-buck.

These were nice looking amplifiers with their anodized "manley" sheet metal chassis concealing all the boring transformers and circuitry. Polished black acrylic side panels were also a nice cosmetic touch. EveAnna Manley herself drafted all the rear panel artwork on Claris CADD - especially remembering to include all biasing info in case someone lost their owner's manual. Of course those were the days before the internet was such a part of everyday life. Now you can get the old dopey manual right here. The Lab 100's used four Sovtek EL34G output tubes. Input tube was the trusty Ei 12AT7 feeding a 6414 driver tube per channel. These amps used pretty standard circuits and had Mercury Magnetics power and output transformers. We rarely get these in for repair. Time has proven these to be nicely reliable amplifiers.

There was also a Lab Series Stereo 75+75 that looks pretty much like these 100 Watt monos. It used 4 x 6550 tubes and again, at $1875 each, was a superb bargain.

Rest In Peace: Lab Series!