The LANGEVIN CR-3A was a large diaphragm cardioid capacitor microphone built for all-purpose duty in studio recording. The first examples of this mic were entirely built in China at the Feilo factory in Shanghai and imported to the USA in the 1980's by a San Franciscan based company called ASC run by Ron Newdoll. We took over importation of this mic from Ron in 1990. 

The first CR3A's we imported carried the VTL brand name. These were sold from 1990 through 1993 before the split between VTL and MANLEY LABS. Both black and nickel finishes were run during these years. When the Manley Labs factory opened this same microphone was rebadged with the Langevin marque, the first ones being black with a red Langevin logo. In a short time we stopped the Chinese Feilo factory from trying to solder anymore (they just were not very good at it, honestly) and moved production of the electronics and newly redesigned printed circuit board from China to Chino and performed all labor and assembly here at Manley Labs in the USA (because we could do it better).

Green PCBs indicate fully chinese-built. Black or no-solder mask PCBs were built here in Chino, California. Basic circuitry remained unchanged throughout the years. Just the board layouts were changed for more efficient and reliable build. All QC was always performed in Chino, not China as we had to make sure those mics were solid and would stay out there working. And they do! We get very few of these back for repair even with over 15 years history and perhaps as many as 2000 units out there in the world. A good testament to our QC!

In 2001 the CR3A was discontinued and replaced by the Langevin CR2001 which is basically the same exact microphone in a different housing. You can read more about the CR2001 on its product page.

Customers reported often how they got great results with a pair of CR3A's overhead drums, a pair over piano, on a bass or guitar cabinet, or as their main vocal mic. Specially useful for midband oriented instruments such as guitars, vocals, harmonicas, and violins, the MID FREQUENCY ENHANCED PULTEC EQ (MEQ-5 type) shares the same features and specifications as our 'EQP-1A' version. The differences lie in the passive EQ section: In the MID EQ, the DIP and PEAK controls function on much sharper bell-shaped curves centered on the selected frequencies, which gives the engineer-producer more precise control over the vitally important midrange and makes this unit indispensable for mastering engineers. The MID EQ also completely fills the frequency gaps between the low frequency and high frequency sections of our Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A type EQ; thus the combination of the two provides a most flexible palette of possibilities for tracking or mastering. 

The Manley MID EQ was also available with detented, logable BOOST & CUT control-switches precisely calibrated to 0.5 dB steps or as required. On the Manley Mastering Pultecs, the switches were built as 11 x 0.5dB steps for max range of 5.5dB on each control. 

The CR3A is powered by good ol' 48 volt "phantom" power, provided as standard by almost all consoles and mic preamps. Just plug it in! The all-discrete amplifier circuit employs very low noise transistors and selected FET's (Field Effect Transistors).

The capsule is a large diameter (1 inch actual, 1.25 inch overall) machined brass ring and back-plate construction. The diaphragm membrane is 6 micron gold over polyester film. It is a center-fixed capsule with front side active. We have been using this capsule since 1990 and have proved it to be reliable and consistent over the years. Two slide switches on the microphone provide for -10dB pad attenuation and bass roll-off (high pass filter). 


Original Product Info:

The CR-3A comes complete with useful accessories as part of the kit:


To keep the cost attractive, we source the capsule and metalwork from China. Building the electronics' printed circuit boards, assembly and Quality Control processes are all entirely performed at the Manley Labs factory in Chino, California assuring the highest quality manufacture and service as you've come to expect from Manley Labs. Most other cheap 'n' cheerful mics out there cannot claim such a provenance! Or a 12 year history, experience, and time-proven reliability. And as with all our Manley and Langevin gear, the CR3A is backed by our 5 year warranty. 




  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Difference 0 degrees and 180 degrees: > 12dB @ 300Hz-3KHz
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz - 16 KHz
  • Source Impedance: 200 Ohm ± 20% (1KHz)
  • Min Load Impedance:>1 k Ohm
  • Max SPL for 0.5% THD : 122 dB 25 pa@1KHz
  • Max SPL with -10dB PAD: 132 dB 79 pa@1KHz
  • High Pass Filter: 6 dB per octave @ 100 Hz
  • S/N ratio Ref. level 1 pa: 67 dB 
  • Maximum Output: 300 mV 
  • Power Supply (DIN 45596): 48 V ± 4 V (Phantom)
  • Current Consumption: 2 mA
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Body Diameter(for suspensions): 1.6" to 1.85"
  • Dimensions: Mic is total 7.75" long 
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

Specifications subject to change because they just might.