The much sought after ML10 used the original Tannoy SRM-B/SGM-B 10" Dual-Concentric rolled-rubber-surround paper cone driver with the Mastering Lab Crossover. Manley and The Mastering Lab jointly-commissioned the last ever production of this famous driver to build a limited run of the ML10 before Tannoy discontinued the SGM10 p/n 2558R driver around 1992. The beefy, dense, non-resonant cabinet was constructed of 1 1/2" thick MDF finished in black formica with either 1" thick solid walnut or cherry sides. These sides served to protect the corners of the cabinet. (There do exist some early ML10 without the solid wood side bumpers and yes, we observed folks dinging the corners of the formica slamming into walls and doors which is why we added the solid wood side bumpers!) 

The Crossover was The Mastering Lab's creation. They had been retro fitting the crossover into little plastic boxes banged on the back of stock Tannoy SRM-B/SGM-B 5/8" ply cabinets before this joint project came to light. The idea was we would design and build strong and heavily braced new cabinets 15" Wide X 10" Deep X 22" Tall weighing in at 50 lbs. each, order the drivers and build Doug Sax's crossover into these ML10's with proper production techniques, all with the crossover controls mounted on the front for the first time, and Bi-ampable/Bi-wireable recessed five way binding posts on the back. The dream speaker was born. People really started crying when they all sold out!

The ML10 offered point source localization combined with absolute time alignment, low distortion and phase coherence. Amplifier power of 100 to 200 watts was recommended. Designed to provide the recording engineer with a highly accurate yet musical tool, the ML10 is now a highly sought after collectible. Used, they are selling for much more than the original retail price of $2950.00 USD. We have seen them selling for over $4000/per pair.

Sooooooooooo.... we created the ML 10A follow-up design to "keep the dream alive". We went on with another then-current production Tannoy 10" Dual-Concentric rolled-rubber-surround paper cone driver (7900-0267) #2598 as found in the 1992-1998 Tannoy Stirling hifi model. A new crossover had to be used with the newer driver to compensate for the different balance of woofer to tweeter efficiency in the newer driver. Approximately 50 pairs of ML10A were produced before we decided to discontinue the ML10A project.

But hope does exist!

12/2018 UPDATE: We do not have any drivers in stock at the moment.

Yes, we do offer to swing YOUR SGM-B/SRM-B 10" drivers into our big beefy ML10 cabinets and install the Mastering Lab Crossovers for $2950 per pair, just like the original ML10. We are currently using a beautiful Mahogany wood with a medium cherry stain sealed with a hand rubbed waxed finish for the solid wood side panels.

We always have plenty of cabinets + TML xovers available if YOU have the drivers. Factory-direct cost is $2950 for the pair of cabinets and TML crossovers (using YOUR drivers). And yes, we also provide the strong shipping cartons and packaging as part of the deal. Email EveAnna Manley for more info.

If we are installing your drivers in our cabinets, you are welcome to ship us the drivers so we can test the whole system with your drivers. But you do not have to. If you prefer not to ship your drivers to us, we can test them with a set of drivers from our ML10's that we use in our QC room and you can screw in your drivers yourself. Four allen bolts and a Molex plug and you have installed your driver. 

NOTE: We cannot sell you the crossovers on their own to put in your Tannoy cabinets. We only offer TML xovers complete in our cabinets as a whole system.

Email EveAnna Manley for more info, or to get your name allocated to a pair of ML10 cabinets.



ONLY the SGM/SRM/SGM-B 10" Tannoy drivers will work for this. The Tannoy driver part numbers are:

  • (7900-0071) #2558 for the SRM driver and

  • (7900-0132) #2558R for the SGM driver.

No LGM 12-inchers, no older LSU/HF/IIILZG/8U or HPD type drivers may be used in our system. ONLY the SGM-B/SRM-B 10" Tannoy drivers!!



Even though the fronts of the drivers look similar, if the back of the driver you are thinking of installing with the Mastering Lab xovers looks like this, then you have an older LSU/HF/IIILZG/8U or HPD type driver and it will not be suitable for this particular crossover. (Read: it will sound very strange. Keep your original setup.) 



  • Size: 15" Wide X 10" Deep X 22" Tall

  • Weight: 50 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight: 58 lbs each

  • Drive Unit: 10 inch Dual Concentric

  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 to 200 watts RMS into 6 Ohms

  • Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL Watt/Meter

  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 20 KHz

  • Loudspeaker System Resonance: 70 Hz

  • Internal Cabinet Volume: 28 cubic liters or 1716 cubic inches

  • Physical Features: Mirror imaging left and right for true symmetrical sound propagation. Flush mounting of driver on flat front face for seamless imaging.

  • Crossover frequency: 1900 Hz

  • Crossover type: Second order Butterworth high pass. Second order Butterworth low pass with parallel impedance compensation. Continuously variable high frequency level control with three position treble equalization. Inductors are air core, capacitors are high quality film.

  • Amplifier connections: 2 sets of 3/4 spaced gold plated dual binding posts, suitable for banana plugs. Separate connections to woofer and tweeter for bi-wire or bi-amplifying applications.

  • Retail price in 1990 was $2,095.00 per pair(!)

  • ML10 was discontinued in 1994 followed by ML10A $2950/pr which was discontinued in 1996



As part of upgrading your old cabinets to our new ones, we will check over your drivers to make sure they are in tip top shape and both drivers sound the same. If you are having trouble with your old drivers we can sometimes fix them and/or recone them for you for an additional charge when we are installing them in the new cabinets. We keep the SGM recone kits in stock and can also order more from Tannoy. Actually if your drivers require a recone, we will order a new pair from Tannoy for you in order not to deplete our stock. The SGM woofer recone kits run about $250 each, and our shop rate is $125 per hour for repair time. Gamma is very good with these.

Tannoy Part Numbers:

  • 7900-0071 ML10 SRMB10 DRIVER 2558 1979-198?

  • 7900-0132 ML10 SGMB10 DRIVER 2558R 198?-1992

  • 7900-0128 ML10 SGMB10 RECONE KIT

  • 7900-0067 ML10 SRMB10 RECONE KIT

    (Also used in the following models from 1979 and on: Tannoy Albury, Tannoy Albury 3839, Tannoy Arden MK.2, Tannoy Arundel, Tannoy Arundel 3839, Tannoy B50, Tannoy B50 3169R, Tannoy Berkeley MK2, Tannoy Berkely 3828, Tannoy Bradley, Tannoy Bradley 3128, Tannoy Buckingham Domestic, Tannoy Buckingham Domestic 2508, Tannoy Buckingham Monitor, Tannoy Buckingham Monitor 2548, Tannoy Canterbury SE, Tannoy Canterbury SE 3807, Tannoy Cheviot MK2, Tannoy Cheviot 3128, Tannoy Classic Monitor (M3000), Tannoy Classic Monitor 3839, Tannoy Cougar, Tannoy DC4000, Tannoy DC600, Tannoy Dorset (T185), Tannoy Dover, Tannoy Dreadnought, Tannoy Edinburgh, Tannoy Edinburgh HW, Tannoy FSM U, Tannoy GRF Memory, Tannoy GRF Memory HW, Tannoy J200, Tannoy Jaguar, Tannoy Kensington SE, Tannoy LGM (SGM 12B), Tannoy LGM (SGM 12B), Tannoy LRM (Little Red Monitor) 12B, Lynx, Tannoy M1000 (Super Red Monitor), Tannoy M3000 (Classic Monitor), Tannoy P100, Tannoy P200, Tannoy Panther, Tannoy Puma, Tannoy RHR, Tannoy SGM 1000, Tannoy SGM 10B, Tannoy SGM 12B (Little Gold Monitor), Tannoy 12X, Tannoy SGM 3000, Tannoy SRM 10B, Tannoy SRM 12B (Little Red Monitor), Tannoy SRM 12X, Tannoy SRM 15X, Tannoy SRM 15XB, Tannoy SRM 3000, Tannoy Stirling, Tannoy Westminster, Tannoy Westminster HW, Tannoy Westminster Royal and Tannoy Westminster Royal SE, Tannoy Windsor, Tannoy Yorkminster SE.)

  • 7900-0267 ML10A DRIVER STIRLING TW 2598