Tech Tips: How do I set the loading on my CHINOOK?

"I've got a Manley Chinook phono stage, and I want to change the cartridge loading. I see some switches on the back panel, but I'm a little confused..."


Have no fear - EveAnna Manley is here to show you how to decipher the loading switches on the back panel of your Chinook!

Step 1: Consult your phono cartridge maker's recommended Resistive and Capacitive load values! (Look them up in your cartridge Owner's Manual or on the internet!)

Step 2: Look in your Manley Owner's Manual for the values that are offered on the CHINOOK.

Step 3: Decide what values you want to set.

Step 4: Follow the procedure in this video to set them!

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Chris DaurayMCH, Tech Tips