Chino, CA — Manley Labs, manufacturers of highly acclaimed professional audio tools, proudly announces the new Manley Headphone Amplifier. Designed in the finest Manley tradition and manufactured in Chino, California, the Manley Headphone Amplifier delivers a new standard of engineering that brings Manley’s legendary professional performance to the headphone listening experience.

Feature-rich and exquisitely designed, the Manley Headphone Amplifier is built for versatility, with twelve independent controls for maximum performance and flexibility. Each amplifier features proprietary hand-wound, air-gapped, dual-mode MANLEY IRON® output transformers, easily configured to drive headphone loads ranging from 12 to over 600 Ohms, and the output stage that can be switched on the fly between all-triode Push-Pull or Single-Ended topology.

Other exclusive features include a Variable Feedback switch, ultra-high Precision Stepped Relay ladder matrix volume control, fully symmetrical operation to drive balanced headphones via its XLR outputs, and a direct preamp out to feed an external power amp or powered monitor.

The Manley Headphone Amplifier features Manley’s singular, celebrated industrial design, creating a striking visual impact that matches its sonic appeal. Created by Manley VP of Engineering and Design, Zia Faruqi, it’s available in three head-turning color schemes for today’s tasteful audiophile — Champagne and White, Titanium and Bronze, or Copper and Black.

Manley Labs President and Co-Founder EveAnna Manley observes, “In recent years, we’ve noticed more and more audiophiles turning to personal headphones as a listening preference. For us, this is nothing new — our Cue Mixers have been a staple of professional recording studios for more than 20 years. And our Neo-Classic 300B Preamplifier has been a cult classic among audiophiles for just about as long. So it made perfect sense for us to take our expertise and employ it to a headphone amp that was worthy of the Manley name.”

The Manley Headphone Amplifier makes its debut at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9, 2016. Visit Manley in the Venetian, Suite 29-310.

Nigel Brown