Specifically intended for mastering or absolute Archival copy-making, our all-tube Tape Head-Preamps have no equal, past or present. We are proud to have supplied these to many of the world's greatest cutting rooms. The Manley Tape Head Preamps, being dual-chassis units, image superbly with incredible soundstage, depth, and fidelity to the original master tape. 
These units can be ordered with lower impedance inputs to match existing ATR lower inductance heads. We have also had fantastic results with higher inductance 500mH heads supplied by JRF Magnetics. We can supply ultra-low capacity head to preamp input XLR cables for use with these heads. 

There is also an EXTERNAL input to allow comparison to the original machine's built-in electronics. This EXT input passes through the tube output stage of the Manley unit.

Two mono channels of Manley Tape Head Preamps come with a dedicated separate completely dual mono power supply. The power supply contains two huge power transformers, separate filtering for each channel, and even two power cords. Useful for maximizing performance of this system, each channel's power switch has the ability to reverse the phase of the mains.

The EQ controls allow all fixed curves (30 ips AES, 15 ips NAB & CCIR) to be attained with room for deviations from standard. Each control is a geared-down vernier enabling resolution of less than 0.1dB with logable 0 to 100 division readouts. A fully buffered VU meter is provided for each channel with adjustable zero-set trimmer on the faceplate enabling +4 or any other standard to be read as 0dB on the scale. 

NOTE: As these are built very rarely and in tiny production runs, the cosmetic details may vary a little bit between each batch.




  • Single channel (2 required for stereo)
  • All-Tube monoblock design
  • Stringently regulated outboard dual-mono power supply
  • PHASE REVERSE switch
  • External input
  • Noiseless level and EQ controls on loggable verniers
  • Continuously variable Very H.F.
  • Continuously variable H.F. (1-10KHz)
  • Continuously variable L.F.(20-500Hz)
  • 5-position -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 Very L.F. BOOST (10-60HZ)
  • Low Impedance (50 Ohm) tube buffered output
  • Stringently regulated outboard dual-mono power supply
  • Mains Polarity Switches: one per channel
  • Outboard Power Supply is factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage.

Specifications subject to change because they just might.