Who is EveAnna Manley?

EveAnna has been referred to by some as “The Manley Tube Queen”, and even “America’s Goddess of Thermionic Emissions” - although she more humbly prefers the title of “Tube Chick”.

EveAnna was actually born in Las Vegas, but stumbled out of vacuum tube lineage as her father, Albert J. Dauray, owned the famous guitar amplifier company, Ampeg, in the late 1960's. EveAnna grew up in Atlanta listening to vacuum tubes and tales of the tube. She and her sister Stacey graduated from the prestigious Westminster Schools. EveAnna was very active in both the music and art programs in high school and then wound up as a music major at Columbia University with a mid-fi system driving her parents leftover AR-2ax speakers. While she did have a blast stealing roadsigns with the Columbia Univeristy Marching Band, and getting to even more trouble as President of her co-ed fraternity, Iota Epsilon Pi, the combination of yucky depressing winters in New York City and all those sunny and cheerful tunes and flicks coming out of Southern California beckoned her westward in her VW bug for a semester's sabbatical in 1989 to sort out exactly what she wanted to do in the music industry.

EveAnna got a lead from one of her father's ol' Ampeg employees about "two crazy South Africans running a small tube amp company out in Chino". Although this did not seem too appealing to her at first, she went to meet David and Luke Manley at VTL.


EveAnna started on the bottom-most rung at VTL and soon worked her way through absolutely every phase and detail of construction, testing, prototyping, engineering, purchasing, sales, service, and production management in the company. She has worn many hats - and still does!

In 1993 Luke took over VTL while David and EveAnna founded Manley Laboratories, Inc. as a separate entity in their new 11,000 sq. ft. building. EveAnna donned a sales hat and got Manley Labs going. Things got rolling…

However, in 1996, David Manley took off and moved to France leaving EveAnna in de-facto charge of Manley Labs. She, Hutch, and Baltazar took over the pressing R&D duties. This is when some of the most important products at Manley were created, and some of the most important "fix-ups" of the older products took place. The ads took a new direction under EveAnna's eye-catching yet sometime quirky direction - but hey, they worked! Company sales doubled between 1996 and 1999.

In June 1999, the official company changes finally took place. And on we went.... stronger than ever.